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What's so special about mohair socks?

Of course they are warm and mohair socks can be walking socks, hiking socks or skiing socks - thin enough to be everyday socks in shoes or as riding socks or wellington socks under boots. We also sell mohair kilt socks.

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Mohair socks are more than just warm. They are soft and smooth. Mohair holds dyes well which means that the colours of these mohair socks stay bright and vibrant, wash after wash. No need to hand wash, just use a normal wool wash cycle in the washing machine. Don't tumble dry them, though and they will look "as good as new" for years to come. So why are mohair socks are so special?


The mohair sock secret ...

Mohair socks are made from the coat of the angora goat ... he might look like a sheep but no, he's a goat. The goats are sheared twice a year because their coat grows so quickly - each adult will yield about 3-4kg of fleece. The fleece is sorted into various categories based on the thickness of individual fibres. It is washed, combed and then spun.

picture of angora goat
goatlady's Angora doeling, KissyFace
The structure of the mohair fibres is smooth rather than scaly like wool and that means that bacteria that cause foot odour have fewer places to get trapped. Everyday mohair socks just donít get smelly like wool, wool mix or synthetic ones.
"Mohair socks don't smell!!!"

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